The vision

By creatively using art, design and technology
we change your perception
of reality.

we aim to replace education with experience.
There are no boundaries or borders in our digital age.

About Trimensions

Award winning digital studio.
founded in 2007, we are India's
first virtual services and augmented reality
solutions provider. we focus on user experience.

we use emergent technologies
to create immersive experiences
for education, entertainment and enterprise.

Watch our intro video here.
or walk through our virtual office here.

Our Services

By combining high technology
with creative and inspiring design,
we are experience enablers.

design is
thinking made visible.
Saul Bass

Our tools

The technology you use impresses no one.
the experience you create with it
is everything.

innovating since 2007

NASSCOM IT Innovation Awards 2008SIIA Innovator of the Year 2008NASSCOM IT Innovation Awards 2008


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